Our Story

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”

Socrates, Greek philosopher


HeyPR is education web site with top learning exprience, accomplished on desktop and on mobile devices.
Our customers can select online courses from the following 6 main course sections:
– Art and Crafts,
– Business and Communications,
– Coding and Tech,
– Do-It-Yourself and Hobby,
– Environment and Science,
– Health,
– Sports and Wellness.
After payment and enrollment in a course, HeyPR clients have full time access to their paid course and can select a learning cycle that is best for their needs and life regime.


Our team is constantly working to utilize the best tools available for online learning.
Furthermore we are focused to develop HeyPR.com as a place where the best teachers meet students hungry exactly for their experience and talented advise. Not only is HeyPR a marketplace for online courses but we strive to develop our ecosystem of lectors. We do this through blog articles, videos and webinars. This way we advise our online teachers how to create education materials with great impact.
HeyPR team invests time to support our lectors on strategy for a teaching plan for best results on HeyPR.
If you have knowledge on certain domain or you plan to prepare and teach others on important skills, you are welcome to sign up as a HeyPR lector here.
We are sure, HeyPR clients eager for your experience, will give you chance to become an established online teacher.


We constantly improve our startup culture to meet tomorrow challenges as one team and as a trusted partner. To ensure this we develop and nurture the following core values within our teams and partner relations:
– We are Curios,
– Engaged,
– Trusting,
– Dynamic,
– Supporting.


Our mission is to bring high quality learning opportunities to the eyes, ears an fingertips of as larger community of people.



Our vision is to work for transforming education to a next level of on demand, intelligent, flexible and inspiring learning experiences.