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HeyPR provides world class IT solutions thanks to our exceptional Partners which we are thrilled to collaborate with! Our respected customers use the following Software Tools to automate their Sales, to digitally transform their Marketing operations for results, and to manage their Customer Relationships for highest client satisfaction, customer retention and continuity of customer support.
When clicking and buying IT product subscriptions via HeyPR links, we may receive a small commission. This does not impact the end pricing of our Partner Solutions.

Solutions for SMBs

Capsule – CRM software for small companies, customizable and focused on contact and sales management workflows.
pipedrive – This Sales CRM solution uses simple and powerful design empowering sales teams to focus on deals.
PipelineCRM – A Sales CRM platform – easy to setup, integrate, and customize for the most intuitive use in the company.
monday Sales CRM – Customizable CRM for small and medium businesses, manages the entire pipeline, team collaboration.

Solutions from SMBs to Enterprise

Zoho CRM – Full featured CRM solution enabling 360ยบ customer relationship lifecycle management, workflow automation and even AI-powered conversational assistant.
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