How to pass through Coronavirus Crisis via 5G technology and more

From the end of World War or roughly in the last 70 years, the world has not seen such a global crisis spreading throughout so many countries around the globe! This is the Coronavirus Crisis! We see how it looks now and it is a beginning. The effects from the current isolation of people, constraints on the movement of people and goods, and also shutting whole business sectors down, will resonate for the coming 5 years. I cannot say how many years will be needed for general economic recovery. If Coronavirus pandemic severe isolation phase ends till the end of July – I think 5 years should be enough to reach the economic levels of 2014 but who knows…
A lot of experts place their recipes to pass through this and this is great! We live at a time where intelligence is spreading free of charge and anyone with an internet connection can benefit if they want and put in their time.

China, the first big country to go out of this

China dived in first into this medical and economic challenge called Coronavirus. As it looks from today’s perspective of 4th April 2020, China will be the first to go out. Go out as a world leader. They mitigated their latest problems with US trade wars with focused work towards EU’s 5G marketplace that is going to flourish in the second half of 2020 and the coming few years. Backed by EU’s 5G guidelines that do not exclude China’s 5G giant Huawei from EU 5G projects, Huawei is getting more and more confidence. And here comes the latest statement of Kevin Liu, President of Huawei Technologies Public Affairs and Communications Department for Western Europe: He said Huawei will “move ahead and aim to forge an ever-stronger partnership with our European partners to build a fully connected, intelligent world”. From all the intercountry, intercompany battles for 5G dominance, and also anti-5G social campaigns, it looks like 5G will be the next big market driver in the coming 5 years. And China is the first big country that invests heavily in 5G networks. And obviously, China will be a leader in this new and great innovative technology business that is about to change our lives enormously from the way we live now.

It is a perfect time for a personal advancement

Now is the time you can prepare for the new economy that is coming even in 2021! You can learn, learn,, work, work, develop a vision, and sharpen your goals for the new technology and business models to come. These preparations may well include learning a programming language like C#, understanding the Big Data paradigm, embracing Artificial intelligence concepts, and learning what is a Data Scientist’s job role and what it requires. Learn Amazon AWS or Google Cloud, 5G Networks, and 5G Network components. That is a whole new page for you to open now. Now is the time – now start to learn so you start gathering its fruits next year!

Working from home is useful to see the large picture

Working from home in times of quarantine! Yes, it is a new working reality and will probably stay for a long time, even after this quarantine ends. Try to use it to your maximum. It is a great time you can use to see the large picture – your current job horizon and professional development, your family development and social life, your dreams and aspirations for the future. Last but not least working from home opens space for your projects – if you put 1 hour every morning in your project in just a year from now you can have this wheel spinning – no matter if this is a small business, a hobby, or another challenge!

Use methods and tools to become more productive in your work

In order to be more productive, you can well use a plea of applications and new technologies – spell checker tools, lead generation software, web design tools, SEO applications, health applications, and whatever you can imagine. It is all up to you to find the right way and the proper balance to get the wheel turning to your dreams! Stay safe and get your success!

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