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HeyPR main Course sections

HeyPR is marketpace for online courses. Our team constantly attracts and onboards new online teachers and domain experts in the following main knowledge sections:

1. Art and Crafts

As HeyPR teacher you can create for this section any course on topics like: “Classical Guitar Basic course”, “The mastery to draw comics” and may more.

2. Business and Communications

Our teachers are invided to create courses from areas including: public relations, marketing, sales skills, business strategy, investor communications, business communications and many more.

3. Coding and Tech 

This one is pretty clear, our teachers are invited to create courses like: “Java development techiques for newbies”, “Full introduction to .Net development”, “Hands-on course, Create and set up Linux Virtual machines” and many more.

4. Do-It-Yourself and Hobby

In this HeyPR section shall reside all course titles on topics like: “How to plan for Exclusive Fisherman contest”, “How to craft a living room table by your hands” and many more.

5. Environment and Science

Here our course teachers shall submit titles like: “Introduction to Physics for High School”.

6. Health, Sports and Wellness

Our online lectors are welcome to submit their online courses ranging from topics on Fitness and Jogging to “Healthy nutrition for Amateur athletes” and “Best diets to lose weight for your Summer holiday”.

How to become a teacher

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what is your favorite knowledge area?....

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As long as you are 18+ years old, and you learn new stuff and you want to share your knowledge, we are fine. We would like to have you in our Teachers' club. Show us what your passion is? We will support you on your journey. Follow your dreams ! Reach out to HeyPR community of HeyPR students. First you need to register as HeyPR Teacher. Fill in the details and check your email right after.

This is not easy to become an established Online Teacher. It takes time and effort. The sooner you start and put your time in your first online course, the process will start rolling and you will feel inspired and useful as never before. Sing up now !
As Instructor on HeyPR web application, you need to follow HeyPR Instructor Rules, as follows:

1. On the following words are synonyms and are meant for: "experts that create online courses and publish them on": - Teacher, - Lector, - Instructor and - Course creator.

2. There is No Fee for our Teachers to be registered on

3. Our Teachers sell their courses on for a fee they set and the fee of a course needs to be reasonable compared to a number similar courses published on HeyPR web application.

A course on HeyPR can be Free or Paid (i.e. for a Price). The price for a Paid course on HeyPR cannot be lower than $19.99 (US dollars) and cannot be greater than $299 (US dollars). A Lector on can have no more that 10 percent of their published courses free of charge and only after they have at least 9 paid courses published they can publish a Free course. This means every 10th course of a HeyPR Lector could be Free of charge if they prefer. For every sold Paid course on HeyPR, their authors will receive comission of 55 percent of the sale amount. HeyPR team will send to their Paypal account the accumulated payments up to 22 days after date of each course sale.

4. Any course published on is required to have at least 55 minutes of video content and at least 3 course materials in the form of documents - can be MS Word, Excel, PDF or other popular format.

5. Try your best to be professional in whatever teaching materials you prepare for publishing on HeyPR.

6. Let the tone of your teaching materials be moderate and non discriminating for different minority groups from any country in the world including and not limited to Religion, Sex, Coulor, Beleifs.
1. Create your Instructor account on .

2. Log into HeyPR with Instructor username and password.

3. Use only the dedicated menus and functions for Instructors - this will help you accomplish your tasks to upload your content onto HeyPR.

4. After review from HeyPR supervisor your course materials' will start to be visible on and your course will start to be open for online sales.

5. Regularly review your mailbox for email messages from HeyPR - for updates regarding your published courses, sales you reached, changes in our policies and other.