What motivates you the most?

Hello HeyPR fans! Nice to write for you again! I am so glad I can contribute to your motivation. A lot of people have some sort of motivational habit, some ritual they do that helps to be happier and more effective. Some practice a prayer, others go for a walk, another and large group just grabs a cup of coffeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

Tonight I want to ask you:

What is your most motivational activity?

What do you do that makes you fresh and focused? Share with us your thoughts.

Also share what could be your requirements from an online motivational service like HeyPR?

Do not forget our mission: To help you be happier, motivated and a better leader in your community!

HeyPR is still in its starting phase. We will dare to ask you questions to make HeyPR a useful and good place for a larger group of people.

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