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My name is Nik Nikolaev and I am the Product owner of this innovative Customer relationship service. At HeyPR we look for typical Customer relationship management and marketing issues. We find ways to solve such problems via software technologies. At the core is our Free Newsletter The First Rule in Customer Relations! In this FREE newsletter we publish our top findings and knowledge sharing. At the botton of this page Click on the proper button to Subscribe!

Some more detail – we package our Solutions in the following types of content:

  • 100% FREE Newsletter The First Rule in Customer Relations with TOP VALUE TIPS & TECHNOLOGIES!
  • RED Newsletter with EVEN DEEPER Customer relation IT KNOWLEDGE!
  • GOLD Newsletter TAILORED ESPECIALLY to IT & BUSINESS Consultants, Business Analysts, Digital Transformation Managers, Sales Directors, Customer Experience Exectutives and other Customer Centric roles.
  • Profound Use Case Analyses
  • Broad Solution/Tech analyses
  • Solution based Customer relationship articles
  • Value oriented Customer Relationship Videos
  • Tech Research & Development
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The Bussiness Challenge we address

With the latest advancements in Sales and Digital marketing technology, companies have a vast array of intelligent software tools at their disposal. Starting from automated marketing campaigns, generating leads, and ending with automated customer support and client retentions, and many more. The main customer relationship problem is that few companies can select and utilize the proper applications from the plethora of useful software out on the market.

This is where HeyPR comes into play

  • We inform our valuable user list regularly on common customer relationship, marketing, and sales challenges and pitfalls.
  • We analyze what applications, features, setups, and tool combinations are to help in overcoming the problems our customers face.
  • We discuss integration approaches towards legacy platforms, web software, or other sales and marketing tools.
  • Not only that, we give our users direct access to the solutions they need – through free trial or registration links to the software we are analyzing.

HeyPR Subscriber feedback

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The analytical and consulting expertise of HeyPR team makes it one of the most exhaustive CRM internet publisher services on the market.

– Roberto Cangemi

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HeyPR team is guided by the customer fist approach. They possess broad sales and digital marketing perspective. In combination with the technical and solution architectural experience they are one of the best Customer Relation consultants you could find.

– Angelina Condreva

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